June 17, 2024

How to Calculate Side Bet Blackjack Super 7

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Side Bet Blackjack Super 7

How to Calculate the Side Blackjack Bet Super 7 is a number traditionally associated with luck in many casino games. Oftentimes, the Lucky 7 symbol appears in the slots you find in online casinos, but a seven can also play a special role on the blackjack table in the form of a Super 7. This classic side bet offers players the chance to land big potential wins, whether they beat the dealer or not. In theory, the odds can also be in your favor if you know how to count cards.

Get to Know What Super 7 Is

Also known as Lucky 7s or Crazy 7s, the Super 7s themselves are a side bet designed to add interest to a variation of blackjack by providing additional betting options. The way it works is that you bet on one or more of the first three cards dealt in the game being a 7. Usually, cards are dealt from six levels. The more number 7s you are dealt, the luckier you will be. If the first card the dealer deals to you is 7.

Then it’s a win (the exact amount varies according to the payout table of the game you play). If you receive the second 7 cards, you win bigger. You win even more if the dealer’s up card proves to be 7. If the cards match, the payout is multiplied. But what if the dealer has blackjack? Then the third card guarantee takes effect and the dealer deals a third card to complete the bet. This means that you can win the Super 7 bet even if you lose.

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How to Calculate Blackjack Super 7 Side Bet?

How to Play Super 7

You simply place your side bet at the start of the session in the special Super 7 betting area at the blackjack table. Your bet is now in play and the dealer can start his session. You will find that most tables have a limit on how big a side bet you can place.

With a maximum bet, it usually ranges from 10 thousand rupiah to up to 50 thousand rupiah. If you are dealt a pair of 7s and you have decided to split the cards you have, then the next card dealt to the first card dealt will immediately count towards the bet.

How to Calculate Super 7

With odds like that, you know this is a bet you can’t count on to win. In fact, the average player will lose $11.40 for every $100 bet. That’s why the general consensus regarding side bets is to avoid insurance bets and Sevens are best. However, you will also be able to gain an edge if you know how to count cards. It works like this. You count a 7 as -12 and all other cards as +1.

The real count is +4 or even more is enough to give you an advantage. To calculate the actual number, divide your running count by the number of decks remaining. Let’s say you have a running count of +12 and three more decks left to deal. This gives you a true count of four (12 divided by 3), in which case it’s worth betting on this Super 7.

Skilled card counters can achieve as much as an 8.5% edge over the house in Super 7. However, one thing you should be aware of is that this counting strategy only works for live blackjack played with real cards. Not much use in online blackjack as the virtual cards are automatically shuffled (shuffled) before each card.

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